ok I know this is nooby ???

but please help

I want to import pics of my brothers head

to make funny lil movie :slight_smile:

any ways when i put the head i cut out on toonboom

it has white box around it …i just want his head on toon body

not a white box with his head in it

thanks buddy thats what i needed

1 more ??? is there a free program

I can use… TB took all my funds

and $299 for photo shop cant be afforded this mo.

Do you know The Gimp ?

The Gimp is the most popular open source image editing software. It’s the most used under linux. They have a windows version.

The Gimp:

There is also Paint.Net:

Paint.Net’s UI is much closer then the one you will find in photoshop. You might find this one easier to use.


thanks Gimp seems cool ( lol Better the my paint)

thanks buddy …now one more ??? for gimp do i still need alpha ? I over looked GIMP but did not see any alpha or transparent background (SORRY im so new )
maybe you could just kick start me a lil


I would recommend that you also try Paint.Net, it’s easier to use.

With Gimp, first create a new file that has a transparent background.

File => New. On the new dialog click advanced options arrows for more options. Select “Fill With” and choose transparency.

Then you should have a new canvas with a transparent background (transparency represented by some sorts of check board fill).

Open your picture and then from your picture canvas select the layer from the layer window (Dialogs menu=> Layer or Control-L) then drag it on your new transparent canvas.

Now this canvas should have two layers. The transparent background and the image layer. Erase part of the image layer to have only the head on this layer. Then when you save as png it will preserve the transparency regions around the head.

I hope that helps.