I’m testing the H.264 codec for export from Animated 2. I’m attempting to export 6 frames of animation in order to keep it simple.

Upon export the program starts exporting then terminates with the error message

“The following error occurred
Export to :
Unknown exception
Could not complete operation”

Export parameters are:

Compression Type: H.264
Frame Rate: Current
Key Frames: Automatic
Frame Re-Ordering : Yes
Compressor Quality: High
Encoding : Faster Encode (Single Pass)
Data Rate: Automatic
Filter: None
Dimensions: Current


Format: Uncompressed
Sample rate: 22.05 kHz
Sample size: 16

Prepare for Internet Streaming: Yes
Fast Start

Any ideas?



Forgot to put this in the original post.

Windows Vista, 32 bit
Intel Core™ Quad CPU Q8200 @2.33 Ghz
Memory 4.0GB
Toon Boom Animate
GIMP 2.6
ATI Radeon HD 5600
90 GB free space

Hi Lilly

Thank you very much. That works.


Try setting it to Keyframes: All