Gym Shortz

Hi ToonBoomers,
I’ve enjoyed watching your animations, and I’m finally posting mine.
These are the first three animations I made.
They were done in TB Studio, but I’ve since moved on to Animate
and am now learning Pro.
They’re a series of fitness safety tips:

Oops, that 2nd link came out wrong.
(For some reason it won’t hyperlink past the hyphen)
You’ll need to copy and paste it:

Great stuff, Justin! You really are prolific!

Some comments on the art and animation, if I may. It would be nice if the character designs were better overall. The art just isn’t that great, IMO. The other thing is the animation. Seems you need more easing in and out to make the movements less mechanical and the characters are rather stiff.

All this comes with time and practice and learning as you go along. The more you do the more you learn and the better it gets.

P.S. Oh yeah, as for adding links in your post, the best thing is to click on the little link icon on the tool bar above the smiley faces–it’s the second one that looks like a globe and a page. Once the two show up, click between the two middle brackets and paste your link.

I actually thought the character design was fine and you had a wide range of unique characters.

I do agree the animation could of used some work. I tend too think if you are going to do simple animation you need to be clever with the Camera. South Park are the awesome example of this.

Zeb & Raider,
Thanx for all the advice.
I’m posting some more stuff now.