Guy Wire Sound

Hi i’m not sure how many are as interested in sound as i am but i was wondering if anyone might have the sound of the tapping of a guy wire it makes a very unique sound, they actually processed it to made the laser sound in star wars.It has been in alot of movies unprocessed like jurassice park in the scene where the dinosaur first shows and comes out of the fence and he bust some wires while comming through and you hear the sound. If anyone has the a clean cut of the sound or has a link to a website that has it could you post a link or a download.

Thank you

guy smiley (old sesame street) was way cooler than his lesser known cousin, guy wire…

Here’s a link to the Freesound Project. I lost an hour there once just listening to the harleys (I’m a deprived and frustrated rider ;D).

with the right search terms I’m sure you could find it.

Ever messed around with a slinky and a microphone? Let the thing stretch all the way down to the ground, point a mic or your ear into it and strike it with various objects. Very cool. Then tweak it more with a sound program and some effects…

Can’t find it thanks