Guides, Rulers, Guide Layers, Keyframe retiming.... where are they?

So I’m a seasoned After Effects vet and I’m checking out Harmony for some more advanced character animation possibilities. I’m having trouble finding some simple things that I kind of take for granted in AE. Rulers and guides are a big thing. How do a pull a guide or measure pixels? Also have trouble trying to activate the grid. After clicking the show grid button nothing (visible) happens. Is there a way to make something a guide layer so it doesn’t render? Is there a way to select a bunch of keyframes and retime them visually? In AE you can draw a box around keyframes to select them then take the furtherest keyframe and click and hold option, then drag it to re-size/retime the keyframes. Is there a similar function in Harmony? Also can you work on more than one scene at a time in the same project? There’s a lot I like about Harmony but a bunch of little things are tripping me up, some of it workflow related some of it tool related.

Harmony was more for animation application than a design tool. It has a field chart other than a ruler.

If you want to create your own guide, you can draw and keep it in template for later use.

If you do not want it to be included in final render, add another composite (Harmony Premium) in Node view and separate Display module and references of your measure separately so that it does not includes in final render.

If you are using Harmony Essential or Advanced, you can make the reference guide line transparency before final render.