Guides for game Animation

I would like to use Toon Boom for game character animations but I need some guidance to getting started.

I have trouble finding a good export option that would create cropped image sequence in my specified size.
Also not sure if you animate just one character in each toon boom project as I had problems with layers showing up in export file.

Probably a long shot as Toon booms main use is tv animation.

P.s. I am not using Unity as those are the only guides available


First, it’s better to animate just one character per scene, even if you can now create all your animations in the same scene and separate them with scene markers for the exports.
Regarding your second question, actually your first, could you be a bit more precise about what you’re looking for?

Thank you

I’ve been working on a game for years now and there was a lot of things that once troubled us.

Depending on your target resolution, engine and framerate, here’s what you might wanna keep in mind.

• we went from PNG to SVG. We aim at 4k resolution and have tons of animations (more than 300) based on 30 fps. PNG killed VRAM and RAM entirely (any rasterized format would). By using SVG, we decreased RAM usage from about 1 GB to 200-300 MB or something. Effects like blurs but also cutters and some other stuff is not supported though.

• yet my backgrounds are mostly 4k PNG so I can use effects.

• my animations are always created on a 3840x2160 stage to avoid issues regarding different character sizes or animations not being at the exact same position and that kind of stuff.

• if you still need rasterized images, you can still work on a 3840x2160 stage for convenience and eventually use the crop tool for export.

• One animation = one project. You can still use the library to share your graphics/animations/whole characters/whatever you created earlier between your projects so you can always reuse things. I have a lot of foots and hands in there for instance.