growing plants kind of animation ?

i want to do animation of some simple plants …like how it grows from a seed to a normal plant , i want to know that what kind of work flow can we adopt for this kind of animation or what kind of animation techniques can be used for doing this task , is this can only be done by traditionally frame by frame animation??
thanks in advance !:slight_smile:

Hi Awais,

It will most likely be traditional animation. As for the process itself I would say observe, maybe try go get some videos about it and rotoscope. Just to have an idea of how it is done. When you feel comfortable you can try doing one yourself without a reference.

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ah thanks :slight_smile:

Maybe you might find some time-lapse photography on the discovery channel or national geographic. maybe youtube?

I did something like this a few years ago. I wanted to show a corn stalk growing out of the ground and up to nearly full size, then show the corn field.

I went through some stages of rough drawings to get a feel for it, using the keys and in-betweens approach, then went over it in another element to clean it up and add color. I used three shades of green to get the plant going so it had more depth as a result of the light values on it.

thans alot or feedback , i did an experiment and it was quite successful , i what i have done , i drew a target plant pose and traced it . and then i seperated all branches , flowers and leaves into seprate layer and used morphing feature of Solo !

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