Groups and layers problems

whenever I create a group of say 4 layers each one is animated frame by frame but when I create a separate new layer on top of the grouped layer I can draw on it just fine however whenever I attach that new layer to the grouped layer I can no longer draw on it and it shows me a red circle with a line diagonally crossed can someone help me with this?

There is no element grouping in Toon Boom Studio, are you sure you are in the right software’s forum?

Do you try to draw on a peg, maybe?
Because you’re talking about a red circle an that is normally the pivot of a peg object.

If not I don’t understand your description.

I have the exact same problem Very annoying… the work around is to take all the layers, ungroup them ( drag them outside the group) select the layers again including the new layer, and then regrouping… If you want to create a new layer within the group, you have to repeat the work around solution… Perhaps in the node view you can fix this…
I cant believe this was created 6 years ago and no fix for this?