Grouping up many layers into 1

I have about 12 layers making up the elements of a castle, and I want to lock and control the whole element together…

is there a way of putting the various layers in 1 group layer, which I can open up (like when you assign an effect to a group of layers, you can close down or open up the effected layers) - making control etc easier.

I look forward to any help.


Thanks Lilly - I’m using animate 2, not pro. Are any of these features available to me?

I think group is still an option in standard, but just use pegs. In standard Animate pegs are perfect for it.

ok guys,
Thanks again :slight_smile:

Are you using Animate or Animate Pro (I’m assuming your’e using Pro)? With Animate Pro, you can select a bunch of layers (or modules in the network) and do a Ctrl+G to put them in a group. There’s no group in Animate. In Animate Pro, you can also select the modules in the network, then Right-click and there’s a group option in the right-click menu.

You probably also want to attach one peg to all of the layers. What I usually do when I’m building something like a building is I’ll put all of the layers into one peg. Then on my transform tool I turn on Peg Selection mode, that way when I click on the building with my transform tool it selects the peg and not the individual drawing layers.

Also make sure you Enable 3D on the peg if you want to rotate the object in 3D.

Hope this helps!


Indeed just add all your drawing layers to a peg.