grouping drawings?

Hi, I was just wondering if there is a way to group your drawings… so that when you select a drawing on a layer it will select the entire thing rather than just the line or color or whatever you clicked on. Is there a way to do that or do you have to draw a selection box around it every time you want to select the whole thing?

Hi,This feature is not currently available in that software. You could select the layer content by selecting the layer and doing Cntrl+A to select all the information available in this layer.Best regards,Ugo

is there a may to merge the elements together? I had a drawing of a man from Photoshop imported to the library as a png and then pulled that to the panel and drew eyes and mouth on the body and now wnat to merge the elements as one drawing - i have tried converting the library image to a drawing and then selecting all and doing a “flatten” but when i go back the 2 eye pupils and the mouth as still seperate drawing elements - any way to do this?

Hi,You can merge layers by selecting them all (click on first then shift click on last) and then using the right click command to merge layers. This will put them all in the same Storyboard Layers. Be aware that we cannot actually merge bitmap together as your bitmaps are separate entities stored inside vector boxes. The software would need to be able to edit the pixels to allow you to do that.Best regards,Ugo

Is there a way to convert my bitmaps that i import into vector images so i can edit them in the software?

Hi,The vectorization done inside of Storyboard is currently set to put the bitmap directly in a vector box. This should allow you erase part of the drawing. There is unfortunately no full vectorization in that software (that would turn into complete vector line) has there are no current tool to manipulate lines inside of Storyboard (no contour editor). Not sure which type of vector image you are looking for but by default all of the images that you import are inside that vector box.Best regards,Ugo