Grouped Deformer Node

The documentation mentions:

“1. In the Camera, Node or Timeline view, select the drawing layer or deformation group or nodes containing the deformation chain you want to display.
2. Do one of the following:
‣ In the Camera toolbar, click the Show Control button.
‣ From the top menu, select View > Show > Control.
‣ Press Shift + F11.”

Thing is, when the ‘Automatically create deform group’ button is clicked, the created group (which tidies up the node view) does not allow the controls to show up when selected. Only the DRAWING node allows the deform controls to show.

Is that a bug or just an old entry in the new documentation?

I usually have the ‘peg selection mode’ engaged and Shift-B down the hierarchy to quickly select the deform and then show the controls.

Sadly, I can’t do that anymore.