Group/Z-depth output?

Hi all,

Just upgraded from Animate Pro 3 to Harmony 12 Premium. Really liking it, cudos to the team.

Quick question: in Animate Pro’s write module, there was an option to separate output by group and/or Z-depth – basically it would write any grouped modules to a separate file/sequence in it’s own sub-folder. It was really handy for taking into 3rd party compositing software for editing/effects, etc. This doesn’t seem to be present in Harmony.

I can achieve the same result by attaching a write node to each element I want rendered separately, but it’s a bit fiddly and less convenient than simply checking a box on the single write module from the master comp.

Has this just been moved somewhere or is this a deprecated feature? I looked through the documentation but didn’t see it anywhere.


It’s a deprecated feature.

You could always package the character templates with their own write module.
It’s already recommended to have a character final composite with a display module for each character template to it would just be a matter of adding a write and personalizing its name to match the character.