Group pop up window position

I’ve been having this problem where my “group” pop up window (the one that pops up when you click a group to rename them) keeps on moving further up my screen all the way to the edge everytime I open them, and now it has gone way over the screen that I can no longer see them. How do I fix this??
Please see attached.


Because you are using a Windows system, so you can directly use the mouse to click the show that half of the small window edge, can show a complete window! Try it!

Im just using the normal default window and the problem exist from both timeline view and network view. Also, shouldn’t we be able to make our own custom view without having this travelling pop up window issue?
At the moment, the only way I can change the name for the groups with disappearing window is through the layer names in timeline, which is inconvenient since I often do my naming during rigging in network view.

ahh…now my effects pop up window is doing the same thing, its slowly disappearing into the top corner of my screen, and Im having trouble reading the values.

Did you actually select Default Workspace even though you use the default workspace routinely? There are benefits in periodically reselecting the saved workspace you are using. It may reset something that has become corrupt or it may only reorganize things that have become messy.

Do you have Autosave or Autosave Workspace enabled?

Are you using everything that at least meets the minimum system requirements?

Are you using a custom Workspace? Are you using dual displays? Does this happen when you use other Workspaces? Try the Default Workspace and a single display (if applicable).