Hi all -

been experiencing some strange results when I do an export to review my animation… my animation size is set as a default of 720x480. Seems like when I do the export, the whole animation is shifted to one side - if I correct it, it shifts to the other - if i get it to the point where it is fine, it seems to shift again… I have used TB for some time now and have never experienced this before… anybody experience this before? I guess my question is, when I specify my size, does the grid reflect that or do I need to border it myself? thanks, dan

Ive never had this problem and as far as i know, yes, the grid does reflect the size. If i have an animation that fills the grid area, then export at 720x480 it all fits on for me so i dont really know what the problem is, have to wait to see what anyone else says.


If by the grid you are referencing the field guide, then there isn’t always a direct relationship between the field guide and the camera view unless you the author insure that relationship be consistant. The grid is for layout planning but it doesn’t control output specifically. The view frame of the camera is ultimately the thing that best indicates what will be on the published movie screen. Based on your description, I suggest that you check to see if you have the camera attached to a peg and if so, I suggest that you look for a keyframe on that peg that is pulling your camera view away from where you think it will be. An accidentally created key frame can often be the source of unanticipated results such as you described. Hopefully this will help. -JK

Hi J -

Looks like in my efforts to attach a flash animation to a peg (we know how many elements get created in TB from flash), the camera also got attached - I have since removed it and my exported scene seems to be more stable… thanks to all for their input… it was greatly appreciated… dan