grid aspect ratio

Is there any way to get a 16:9 ratio grid?

As someone new to animation I love looking back over this forum for information, hints and tips.
As this question was unanswered I side stepped into the world of field guides, cameras and aspect ratios for a moment… fascinating.

I found a really interesting excert on the animationpost web site which I will link here which describes the problems facing animators trying to output wide screen or HD productions.

As I see it the only options currently available in TBS are the traditional #12 and #16 fields (Std 4:3 ratio or 1.33:1).

From what I understand you would have to try to work around this by blanking off rows/columns on these grids to achieve the best result.

It would be nice to have additional option of a 16:9 field guide to cover wide screen and HD as this will (I think) soon be the format of choice for most people.

Maybe this entry should be in the “Suggestions” section to recommend it as an additional feature for the next upgrade? Unless of course v3.5 already has it??

– added 11Sept06 –
There is another post the in General section called "Grid As[ect Ratios"
which discusses the very same subject (in fact I think ‘gester’ has answered this question patiently many times too - thanks and sorry I did not find it before!).