grey line around imported photoshop layer

When importing a photoshop layer into TBS 2.5 we get a one-pixel grey line around the edge. I noticed someone else mutter about this in another thread and get no response. Is this a common problem and has anyone found a way around it? Thanks.

Hi Andrew-

Just one quick thought… If the empty space on the layer was deleted or masked after being selected by the wand/marquee/whatever tool, doublecheck your feather settings in Photoshop. If they’re anything higher than zero, it will feather the border of the selection, including the edge of the image, and won’t be visible till you move the layer in question or import it into another program. Just clean the edges within PS by redoing it after changing the feather selection setting or with the eraser.

I’ve encountered this issue when importing PS layers or files with masks etc into TBS and layout software.

If this wasn’t the way you created the empty space on your PS layer, then I’m out of ideas! Best of luck,


We thought of that - but if we clean up the edge in photoshop by using an unfeathered cutter we lose the nice antialiasing. :frowning: But there’s good news. I have just discovered that if we save the file in a format other than photoshop, the grey outline doesn’t appear.

I suspect that TBS is double-processing the feathered edge in the photoshop layer - once to the photoshop background colour and then again to the TBS background, giving a double-gradient which appears as a grey stroke.

Moral: stick to png files. :slight_smile: