Greenscreen on toon boom 8.1 ?


Do you know if is it possible to import a greenscreen video on toon boom ?
Thank you…

In French : est il possible de faire un effet d’incrustation chromakey (écran vert) sur toon boom ??
à bientôt

Thank you for your response.
Yes i want to do combining a person moving in a drawing image.
I create videos of a person with a greenscreen background. If importing the video is ok my problèm is how to erase the greenscreen background to obtain a transparent background ???

You might have to use other software to convert the video to an image sequence.

You can import a movie that has been set up with a chroma key background and use the eyedropper to select that key color to use in a project.|Chapter%206%3A%20Importing%20Artwork|_____2|Chapter%206%3A%20Importing%20Artwork|_____6

I agree with that suggestion of converting the video into an image sequence and importing that sequence into TBS.

I previously had difficulties importing videos into TBS. Now, my preferred method is to convert the video into a PNG image sequence using Blender (refer to this demo: and then import the PNG sequence into TBS (and remove the green background during this step, as described earlier and in the user guide).


For information :
Toon Boom 8.1 on Mac with Mavericks 10.9.4

On the Toon Boom user guide we find “import images with keying”

  1. In the Timeline view, select an empty cell in a bitmap image layer.
  2. Right-click and select Import Images > Import Images with Keying. (right clic,control clic = no dialog box “import”

There is no dialog box “import image and import images with keying”…

In the file menu : to acquire, or open a folder or import (with Twain source or camera) but without “images with keying”…
Only on…windows ?

I only have version 7.1 to work with and it does exist in this version at least.

You must be very careful to do exactly what is described.

  1. Create an Image layer (not a Drawing layer).
  2. Select the cell of the Image layer in the Timeline.
  3. Right-click on the cell.
  4. Move the pointer to Import Images…which opens a drop-down menu where Import Images with Keying is found.

This only works with an Image layer.

Thank you for your response. i try it and will post a comment…

I have try it. It’s good for images, many thanks. But is it possible to import video with greenscreen ?

Curious, what do you have in mind that would be supplied by the video? What portion of the video will be exposed? Do you want to do something like combining a person moving with animated cartoon people?

You could try creating a video with a greenscreen backdrop and importing it in the typical manner. If the backdrop is consistent it should work as a greenscreen if you can get the designated color selection accurate.

As far as I can tell there isn’t a specific procedure to import video with keying.

If you use the video imported as a sequence of images you will have timing considerations.

You may be better off doing the animation against a monochrome background in TB then doing the chroma keying with additional video in a video editor. You can export your video as sequenced images for reference while working in TB. If you use TB for the whole process you should find good places to break up the video into smaller more manageable sizes. Otherwise it will overtax the software.