Great PC, every app works 100 per cent BUT HARMONY 15

See attachmente. It is the error message I receive basically every 30 minutes working on Harmony Advanced 15. Pls help!! I’m working as an animator in a studio that depends on the scenes I’m keyframing and inbetweening!

harmony 15 advanced crashes all the time (detail).png

If you work at an animation studio, have your studio (or yourself) contact Toon Boom support directly. This is a user forum, and that crash dialog doesn’t tell us anything why Harmony crashes.

It can help to go into the Windows Event Viewer,
expand the “Application” log and
post the details of the crash report for this particular crash.

Pretty much the only time you can’t find the details/cause
there is if some security software is blocking stuff.

Someone else was posting about this on the forums recently. I believe the updated version 15 has fixed this. Contact Toon Boom support and let us know what you uncover. It is helpful, though, to see the post.

The service pack is for Harmony 15 (15.01) is already available to all users.
We have replaced the installer for Harmony 15 found in the “My Downloads”
section of your account with the new one so all you would need to do is re-download
it and install.

Thank you, I’ll install the 15.01 servisse pack and see how it runs.