Great lip sync tutorial found on YouTube

Sorry if this is already listed on the forum. Great explanation of how to do lip-syncing. - part one - part two


I tried watching these from homw yesterday, I got about halfway through & then my wireless took a crap, but they looked great! I am going to try touching base with the guy who made it, I don’t believe it’s a forum member (if it is then it’s a quiet one) but thanks a lot to whoever took the time to make this, well done!

If it is a member here, I’d strongly suggest posting it on the TBS myspace page, they will be glad to post a link and/or bulletin.

Glad to see more people contributing though.

I added this two part series on Automatic Lip Sync to the Toon Boom Studio Wiki which hopefully will make them easy to access for future reference. This is part of the evolution of the Wiki as a knowledge and learning resource. We will continue to add tutorial materials as they become available in addition to other tips and techniques and articles about TBS features and usage. -JK

I wouldn’t call it great, considering the person who made it can’t draw… :wink:

I’m glad you guys think it’ll be useful though. I don’t have time to use TBS much at the moment, but if I get back into it, I’ll certainly make more tutorials.



The quality of the tutorial is in the achievement of its proposed goal. For any tutorial the goal is usually to clearly and efficiently present knowledge so that the viewer / reader can learn something. You succeeded excellently in that goal therefore it is a great tutorial series. We hope that you will consider doing more tutorials in the future, and also that you will join us and collaborate as an author in the Cartooning in Toon Boom WIKI, so thanks. -JK