Great Articles on Lighting and Transitions

In case anyone has not seen these ARTICLES the Toon Boom team produced, you are missing a really nice piece of work.

I just wanted to be sure that other users like us find these recently posted and very useful articles. Too often people write in to these forums with their grief and gripes and don’t get around to thanking the TBS team for their efforts. Thanks, we really appreciated these tips. -JK

Your right many of these articles will go un-noticed because users still struggle with the very, very basic stuff!
Thats a great article …but until TBS stop these random crashing … I may never get around to it.

Remember …people don’t gripe because they like it!

Hi JK,

Thank you for posting in the release of the article I actually forgot to do it. For the time being we will try to release about 1 article per month explaining advanced tricks for user that want to push the software to the next level. If you have any comments or suggestions of things you would like to have articles on let us know and we will see if we can implement it in our list of articles to come.

Best regards,


You are most welcomed. Toon Boom is so rich with features and capabilities and we continue to discover more and more with each project. These forums are a wonderful resource and your team does an excellent job of monitoring posts and responding to software specific questions. Having started with TBS V1.0 on the Mac, I can personally appreciate the significant improvments in the product over the years and most importantly the increased commitment the TBS product team has undertaken.

As to areas that you might consider addressing in articles, I think the questions fielded in these forums are probably your best guide. I encourage all users to continue to ask lots of questions, both animation and software related, there are so many knowledgable users here who graciously vollenteer assistance, plus with the patient knowledgable and experienced TBS product team these forums provide a significant service. -JK

superb article, cheer!
(in French would have been very well also…), but ok,
it is not very hard to understand. :wink:

I will like to as announce, as the “workouts series”
are really very well, and I await the third impatiently.

Thank you with the TBS team.

Sorry for my bad English… :-[


Hi there,

You are right Thierrry, we whould take the time to translate these articles. I’ll look into this.

I’m glad some of you find them usefull.

BTW, we just posted a new one today on camera effects in TBS.

If you would like to have a specific topic covered please just send an email We are looking into this forum as a guide to create tutorials.


Hi Mathieu,

Superb this new article.
I believe that a translation in French would be well,
I do not understand all sorry…