Graphire Tablet

Is it better to use a graphire tablet in toon boom studios than it is to just using a mouse?


i’m actually having some problems with my graphire being wildly inaccurate, at times when i place the pen it actually draws some 200 pixels away from where i placed the pen.

i don’t have this problem in big programs like photoshop and flash but with many “smaller” programs like toonboom and sketchpad i encounter this.

does anyone knows what causes it because i don’t think it’s toonboom’s fault if other programs do it as well. (nor do i think my tablet is broken if it works in other more mainstream programs)

Intuos are of course better but I’m using a Graphire 4 bluetooth and it works very very well.

I highly recommend it for entry level tablet (if you don’t have 400$ to spend).

For the Offset problem, usualy this problem comes after upgrading drivers on windows.

To solve it you need to regenerate the tablet.dat file in c:\Windows\System32\tablet.dat

Delete the file and reboot or do the following:

For more advanced users

open a command prompt & type:

c:\net stop tabletservice
delete de tablet.dat file
c:\net start tabletservice

That’s it !

Ya i had the same problem, in your software that came with your graphic tablet , you have to switch your graphic tablet from mouse to pen.

If your in the market for a good tablet and don’t want to spend through the nose check out the Adesso CyberTablet 12000 .