Graphire 3 not working in TBS 3.5

Hi there,

my Graphire 3 doesn’t work with TBS 3.5.
Worked well with 3.02.

OS X.4.7 / reinstalled 4.95-1 tablet driver


Hi Dirk,

Thanks for reporting. we’ll look at it and post back soon.

My Cintiq 15X isn’t working in TBS3.5; the brush tool is offset to the top left, this also stops me from rotating or resizing objects too because when I ‘click’ it is missing the handles even though the cursor is saying I can alter them.

My Cintiq 15X works in TBS3 fine, with no problems, but I was hoping to start using TBS3.5.

I have tried updating to the latest drivers, and disabling my secondary monitor, but this doesn’t solve the problem. I was using the older Wacom drivers that are recommended for TBS3, but those don’t work either in TBS3.5.

Looking forward to being able to use TBS3.5

Graphire 4 working fine for me…it seems!

If it helps, my Wacom Intous 3 / Cintiq 21UX is working with V3.5. I running OSX 10.4.6 on a G4 PPC and using Wacom driver 4.96.3. -JK

While you are waiting for an official answer to this issue be sure to check under preferences (display tab) to see which renderer your v3.5 is trying to use. I am using Quartz. I know from experience that this setting can be the source of display issues and that might include Wacom tablet interactions. Just a thought for those of you looking for something else to check out. -JK

Hi Everyone,

We are truly sorry for this bug. It has been dealt with and our testing department is currently approving the new build before we release it.

The tablet problem appears on Graphire 2 and 3 as well as some of the Cintiqs. It is affecting all of the Mac user and we should release a new build of the software by the end of the day. If you are experiencing this problem you can either contact and we will send you the new build as soon as we get it. Although it should be on the available in the My Products section by the weekend so you can get it there if you don’t get the message by then.

Again sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,


Hi everyone,

I just want to let you know that the fixed version is now available on the website. If your version (on Mac) is the build 58 then you should go on the website and get the new build which is build 59.

Thank you for your patience and have a nice weekend,


Thanks Toon Boom Team:

With the latest release my Graphire 3 works even better than it did in version 3.0.

I re-downloaded the install for TBS3.5 from the Member>My products page, but after I installed (problem still present) and checked it was still build 58, rather than 59. I’m using PC rather than Mac.


This update is only for Mac users since the problem is not on PC Windows.


I am a PC user, and I am having a problem with my Cintiq 15X in TBS3.5

When I draw or try to move things in the stage the active area is offset to the top left of where the cursor is. So it makes it impossible to draw or rotate on the stage with my stylus.

I DON’T get this problem in TBS3, I’m only getting it in TBS3.5
So currently making my paid upgrade worthless to me…

I have tried reinstalling drivers, uninstalling, using older drivers etc but this doesn’t solve my problem.

Hi Ranoka,

Would it be possible to send us exactly what is your current setting (PC specs, dual monitor (which is the primary one), video card and what is your renderer selected).

Also, have you tried to manually restart the tablet service?

1 - Close the TabletService by typing the following on the command line: net stop tabletservice
2 - Rename or delete the file \windows\system32\tablet.dat.
3 - Start the TabletService by typing the following on the command line: net start tabletservice

Once we have more information about your machine setup we might find a way to help you because our testing team checked the Cintiq 15X and did not manage to reproduce the problem.

Sorry for the inconvenience,


Hi Ugo,

I have only just managed to find some time to look into this more.

My basic specs:
Win XP SP2 - 32bit version
Asus A8V Deluxe motherboard
Athalon 64 3000+
ATI Radeon 9550 Pro

TBS3.5’s renderer is set to Direct 3D (to get the anti-aliasing working with the Radeon card). But having that setting on OpenGL (but this makes TBS crash if the anti-aliasing is turned on) doesn’t make a difference – the tools are offset to the top left of the cursor (by around 10 or so pixels I estimate).

Disable overlay, and disable hardware acceleration don’t seem to solve the problem.

I am currently using the 4.96-8 version of the Wacom drivers.

Which version of the Wacom drivers did you use when you tested the Cintiq 15X ?

Thanks for your support!

Hi Ranoka,

I confirmed with our testing department and the driver version that was tested for the Cintiq 15X was 4.96-8. The you have seem to be related to the tablet.dat being corrupted (that is the “normal” weird behavior from it to not be up to date).

I just want to confirm with you that you did indeed reset the tablet.dat by going through the previous instructions. If you need more information about how to proceed let me know and I will try to be clearer in the explanations.

Best regards,


Has the problem with the Cintiq 15x been solved? I am currently evaluating the ToonBoom 3.5 Trial, and I am having the drawn line offset from the crosshairs problem (by about 10 pixels) as well.

I have done the procedure to reset the tablet.dat, and it sort of works. When I reset the tablet.dat the ToonBoom 3.5 crosshairs line up exactly with the drawn line. But when I then calibrate my Cintiq using Cintiq’s calibration software, it goes back to being 10 pixels off. And I need to have the calibration.

I also currently own ToonBoom Express 3.0, which works fine. Here is my system config:
- Windows XP Professional, SP2
- Cintiq 15x Driver 4.96-8
- Nvidia GeForce FX 5600 Ultra driver = forceware 93.71

Hi MooseMouse,

Would it be possible to know exactly what calibration you have done with the calibration software so we can test it out here and see if there is a problem.

There should not be any problems with the Cintiq but I just want to make sure that if there is one it is solved promptly.

Best regards,


In the Wacom Tablet Properties control panel I click on “Calibrate”. This brings up the 2 little crosshairs that I touch (top left corner and bottom right corner) to line up the cursor under the pen tip. This is the only change I make. Is this what you are asking for?

I reported your problem to our testing department. They will give us more info soon.

If there is a problem we will fix it for the upcoming service pack coming out soon.

I’m still experiencing problems with my Graphire4… just the inital click gets recorded, and nothing afterwards.

TBS Build 59
Wacom 4.9.5-1
OSX 10.4.8

Please help – the festival deadline is rapidly approaching!