Graphic Cards for ToonBoom - Nvidia K3100M vs 980M


We need to buy a PC for animation design. We are buying it from
It is usually said Quadro are best for such creative work - but in case of toon boom I have heard that GeForce performs best.

I have 3 options to choose from :

  1. Nvidia 980M 8 GB ( GeForce )
  2. Nvidia K3100 4 GB ( Quadro )
  3. Nvidia 970M 6GB x 2 SLI ( GeForce)

970M and 980M being the most recent cards from Nvidia are immensely powerful and are on top of charts. K3100M is a little older series but still is among the top 20.

Can anyone please explain which one should I go for - the purpose for now seems 2D animations.

Apart from this laptop will have i7 4710MQ + 16GB memory + 512GB SSD MX 100 Crucial.

Also should I take 32 GB of memory rather than 16GB. And would the above specification be good enough if I want to use more softwares from Toon Boom like Harmony Studio and what happens if we try to play with a little 3D too.

If you have any other suggestion or vendor which we can buy from please do tell.

Thank You

Quadros are marginally better at 3D than GeForce cards but are higher priced so you get less computing bang for your buck. SLI is mostly supported for games and Toon Boom software is not made to take advantage of it. You are better off with a single better card than two less-capable SLI cards.

So in my opinion the winner is the GeForce 980M.

TB Sales would be able to provide such details and interact with technicians to gather pertinent information.