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Toonboom Feedback.

Toonboom is ofcourse amazing and I love how everything works smoothly. However it is really hard to adapt to such poor tools for animation.

Please correct me if im wrong, because I would love to know more:

A video here explains some of the features from Maya.

Please make all values adjustable by cursor, so you dont have to enter digits with your keyboard.
AND - make them adjustable simultaneously, so you dont have to enter the digits twice.
PLUS!! View multiple inputs like translation X,Y,Z and Rotation X, Y, Z etc…

*Make Scrub-Timeline tool.
It ruins a great deal of your workflow having to focus on the timeline tab just to flip you keys. Can you make it so it works like the function “k” in Maya - With middle mouse button for virtual Time Slider mode (press and hold and scrub timeline).

*View your animation controls only and make sure you dont grab other elements in the scene?
It is really tedious having to select the controls from your Timeline-Layers or node-editor. There is no selection sets either.


  • Make renderlayers/preview layers to keep the performance up.
    It is really annoying that you cant make layers in Preview Manager, nor can you filter, search or arrange in the panel.

My solution to performance is a mix of Preview Manager, and Node-View Setup.

Please let me know if you have this already,
Best regards Troels

Good morning Troels,

Thank you for your feedback.
Would it be possible to know which product and version of the software you are using?
I am guessing you are working with Harmony Premium 12, but I am not sure.

For the Graph editor, I was wondering if you are familiar with the Function view.

Also, I was wondering if you are familiar with the Set Ease for Multiple parameter:

Did you try the Jog Frame slider in the Playback toolbar?

For the animation controls, I am not really clear on what you mean.

You have the ability to lock layers and select elements in the Camera view directly with the Transform tool. You can navigate a parented chain with the B and Shift + B shortcuts.

For the Selection Set, you could see this new feature in Harmony 14:

For the Render Layer, if I understand what you mean, did you try the Render Preview node?

I hope some of these help.

Let me know if they don’t answer what you are hoping to do.



Hi Marie-Eve

Thank you for such detailed response! I value it a great deal!
I use Harmony Premium 12

  • In regards to the “Function View”, I will try to get used to it and see how it can benefit the most to an efficient workflow.
    From a brief look of it, it would be awesome to have a distinguished color-language for the individual graphs. Like in Maya, X channel is red, Y is Green, Z is blue…
    It just gives an immediate overview in the channel control.
    I noticed you can color code in the Function View’er, which is awesome, but as a default it would be amazing if they are not all grey.

!!Also!! - The scrubbing playback function would be highly appreciated. Since you have to grab the tiny timeline control to preview.

  • Setting Ease for multiple parameters is my least favorite function of all times.
    It completely locks the screen, and you cant scrub timeline, use undo, see the preview or anything. No this functions is not rally useful. I’m sorry.

*Selection sets,
Thank you for including this feature in the new release.
Will you be able to create your own shelve with own symbols?

  • The Jog Frame is awesome! However not really fast enough for a decent workflow, nor intuitive.
    The requested “Scrub” function would be like holding down a key, then dragging your cursor left/right to have the scene frame number decrease or increase in time.
    This enables you to flip drawings like you would do in real life hand-drawn animation. Just more efficient.

  • In regards to Animation Controls:
    If you press on the screen and accidentially move the bg or some hidden texture or whatever it would be more efficient, being able to select controls only, instead of having to lock individual layers. Along with being able to hide everything but the controllers.
    Autodesk Maya have a similar thing but with far more options and customization-ability.

  • Render Preview node is exactly what I mentioned was my solution to a simple issue.
    But it takes a lot of time having to correct my nodes everytime I need to preview/work/render.

In regards to the Preview Manager,
I have to set it up EVERYTIME I open a scene, even if it is the same, that is also a reason why there should be a “save preset” or render-layer feature. At least just a “sort by…” function.

Best regards Troels,

Is there a way to solve some preview setting without having to set up the nodes everytime, as mentioned earlier?

Best regards Troels

Is this forum and thread completely dead?

+100 for the middle mouse press & hold timeline scrub (anywhere on the timeline)

It’s hard to pick that tiny little red playhead icon to scrub as it is now…

The best scrub feature in my opinion has the DJV View image sequence playback program(open source), you just press right mouse button anywhere on the viewport and drag the mouse right/left to scrub… you dont loose time to see/find the typical standard playhead icons to grab it and scrub…simply awesome!

Indeed! Thank you :smiley:

In general it seems very tedious and timeconsuming to press the small buttons pretty much everywhere in this software.
There should be some kind of see-through border for which it could register the cursor. Even if there is not anything behind the button or the objects are clicked, you keep missing the buttons and your selection with it.