Grain Freezing in Harmony 16

Good afternoon!

I’m running into a problem with the Grain node in Harmony. The grain is set to be random on each frame. However, upon rendering the grain will randomly be frozen for 2-4 frames. As far as I can tell this seems to be a glitch in the node as there are no properties that should cause anything to freeze.

I can fix it by using the Sapphire plugin grain which doesn’t seem to have the same issue. But I’d prefer to find out if there’s anything I can do with the original Grain node to make sure it doesn’t freeze.

Update for anyone who may be following:

We think we found the issue - the checkbox for randomizing the grain on each individual frame appears to do the opposite function. So unchecking it seems to fix the problem. Maybe a programming error but not totally sure.

Hello Khardin,

Can you please submit this kind of bug to our support team at

They’ll get the bug logged in our internal systems if it isn’t logged already!

Sure thing!