Hello, I’m using a gradient for a smoke/dust animation and want the gradient with a certain angle but I haven’t found out how to apply the gradient position to all frames without having to manually alter each gradient. Any way to do this quicker?

Thanks a bunch Lilly, really clear explanation :slight_smile:

There are a couple of ways of doing this. First, if you’re still in the painting stage, then you can paint the first one, select the gradient with your Select Tool, and in the Tool Properties, store the colour gradient. Then when painting with your paint bucket, there’s an option in there to Use Stored Colour Gradient.

If you’ve already painted all the frames though, all is not lost. Select your Edit Gradient/Texture tool, and click on the gradient that you like in the Camera View. Hit Ctrl+C (Cmd+C) to copy it. Then go to the next frame, still with your Edit Gradient/Texture tool, select the gradients that you want to paste onto (you can even do a lasso select around everything) and then hit Ctrl+V (Cmd+V) to paste the gradient matrix.