Is there a way to choose or set the direction a gradient goes?

Currently they all seem to work left to right. I would love a way to make a gradient go vertical, right to left, or diagonal etc.

Radial gradient works well enough I believe, at least, where you click is the center of the gradient. Which gives enough control.

Linear gradient seems limiting to work with if I cant change the angle.


This was one of my favourite features in Toon Boom Studio for many years.
You click and drag, that’s the direction the gradient goes. Fast and easy.

Unfortunately, these feature hasn’t made it yet into Harmony…
Hopefully the Toon-Boom-Development-Team is listening ?

Good news folks. You can change the direction of gradients and textures. It works just like rotating a selected object.

How to use Edit Gradient/Texture tool

  1. Do one of the following:
    ‣ In the Tools toolbar, click the Edit Texture tool.
    ‣ From the Camera or Drawing View menu, select Drawing Tools > Edit Gradient/Texture.
    ‣ Press Shift + F3.

  2. Click the gradient or texture colour to modify.

A blue selection frame surrounds the selected gradient or texture.

  1. Edit the gradient or texture by adjusting the control handles around the selection frame.