Gradients not exporting correctly as a SWF

When I export my files as a SWF, gradients have a strange pin point dots that shouldn’t be there. Nothing wrong with them in ToonBoom, or when I export as a .mov but I need to import them as SWFs into AfterEffects.
Any advice on how to solve? Could it be an importing issue with AfterEffects?

I would guess that’s a limitation of exporting as SWF. I think the effects listed in the option Do Not Export are the ones you can export. I found out that even filtering line art (that is, hiding line art, showing colour only) won’t work in SWF export, but it’s not something I do often. The docs, though, don’t seem to say anything about gradients. As you may know, you can preview what you can export clicking and holding the render and play button and select Test SWF movie (or via the Play menu).