Gradient tool/I can't use the select tool when importing a file.

I can’t find the gradient tool

Oh yeah i didn’t want to waste thread space by making 2 threads sooo

Okay so i import a image file and try to use the selection tool it won’t let me? Is there any way to get past this? (sorry just got this 3 days ago)

Hi,Are you looking for the Edit Texture tool? It can be found under the paint bucket tool. Otherwise if you want to add an actual gradient as a colour simply double click on a colour swatch and select the gradient radio button.Best regards,Ugo

Your paint bucket actually becomes a gradient tool if you set the colors to gradient type. Go to Color Palette than in the color picker you will see Solid and Gradient. If you import an image file that is bitmap graphic then maybe you should vectorize it first so it can be manipulated.I hope this helps :wink: