gradient question

When I choose the gradient button in the color pallette a square color appears over the drawing when I use paint fill. If I switch to Solid, paint fill works fine.
What do I need to do make gradient colors behave?


I am not quite sure what you mean by a square color appears. Do you mean that there is something that appears over your current shape hiding your actual drawing?

If that is the case it may be related to your video card drivers not being up to date or the renderer used not being supported by the card. In the second case you can change the renderer by going to the top menu Edit>Preferences>Display tab and change the renderer from OpenGL to Direct3D or the other way around. Then restart the software.

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Thanks, Ugo. Changing to Direct 3D seems to have fixed the problem.

The problem was this: If I draw an ellipse and use gradient fill, the fill would cover the ellipse in a square shape, overrunning the ellipse but not hiding it.