Gradient in storyboard 5.5?

Has anyone been able to get gradient to work in sb 5.5? Double clicking the swatches doesn’t seem to do anything and so I can’t seem to make a gradient swatch. However there is an edit gradient/texture tool in the toolbar which is odd if there’s no gradients in SB. In the docs it does say you should be able to double click any swatch and turn it into a gradient, but no luck.

Right above the RGB sliders there is a little box
showing the currently selected colour. Click on that
and select gradient. Towards the bottom of the
window are two colour “flags” initially set to the
same colour. Set one to a different colour.

Once you have the gradient set in the Colour
Picker Window, click the “+” icon in the swatches
to add a new colour.

Ohhhh, gotcha. Great thanks. You guys should consider updating the docs for storyboard as there it says double click the color pallet in the swatch instead which is how it works in harmony premium.