Gradient colors show over several layers?


Using Gradient colors works often very fine.

But if you for example have a body and an arm on separate layers and the gradient would be filled over to the arm yuo see a line ( Well you use a invisible line but you will se that anyway ).

You can of course paste the arm to the body but it you want to use them on separate layers are any way to make it work

Sorry, yes - if you’re using Animate it’s called Mask and it has a checkbox when you edit the properties, for inverting it.

True about “mask” in Animate but it is listed as the Cutter effect in the Table of Contents of the Animate 3 documentation (added as clarity for those reading the thread and looking for it in the User Guide):

Or if you want a gradient over the entire character, why not isolate the shape of the character and use an inverted cutter that references a big shape filled with the gradation you want?

You mean making a mask layer. Cant find anything about inverted cutter. Maybe it´s a pro or Harmony feature?

Cutter is the new name for mask in Toon Boom software.

I am not sure if this addresses your situation. but each instance of a gradient can be adjusted independently.|Toon%20Boom%20Animate%20Pro%203%20User%20Guide|Chapter%206%3A%20Colour|Editing%20Gradients%20and%20Textures|_____0

Yes I use this and it great. But I just found out about the problem of dividing an object into several layers but want the gradient to go through all.

Maybe that´s not possible.

/ Mattias

Do you mean that you want all of the parts to share the same gradient and look like they would if they were a single drawing on a single layer filled in one pass?

I tried a few things like the Gradient Module which seems to only work like a Colour Card rather than on objects but the closest thing I could come up with was drawing a character on one layer without breaks between limbs, filling with a gradient, cutting and distributing the pieces to layers.