Gradient colors is limited?


I’m using the Gradient to make a simple linear transition from dark blue to black.
I noticed that on the built-in render, and on the uncompress render image (which looks the same maximum quality), no matter how I manipulate the gradient.

The result looks like a low-quality gradient, Harmony 14 doesn’t supporting 24bit and 32bit depth colors yet?

For example, if I do the same graident in After Effects using 32bit depth, it is smooth and perfect.

I want to use the gradient on many ways in the future, so I wonder if you can please tell me if there is a way to make the Gradient or Harmony in general to render in 32bit depth colors?

I’m using Harmony Premium 14 if it helps.

It is very limiting my creativity, I hope that you tell me how to make it work, Thanks ahead! :slight_smile:

What format are you choosing when you render out an image? If you choose something that is 8-bit, you will see some banding in the gradient. If you choose the EXR format you can get 32-bit. Try this out, click on the yellow box in your Write node, then for Drawing type choose EXR and render out a frame. Open it in Photoshop or whatever and see if it smooths out the gradients.

This may be a bug but I don’t think the Toon Boom Play app that shows you your rendered frame can display EXR files. It does not for me anyway, all I ever get is a black frame, which is why I open it in Photoshop or Affinity Photo to check it out.

Curious, is there supposed to be an image displaying an example of the gradient you are producing?

I see a solid black head(?) with a solid gray background.

If this was intended what does it have to do with your problem?

I see the head with banding. The gradient goes from black at the top of the head to a bluish-black toward the chin, but there is visible banding that I can see. I am on a Mac viewing it with Safari browser. Of course if someone takes a rendered frame and then compresses it further and posts it on the forum here then maybe that makes it more difficult to discern as well?

That being said, when I render out a gradient and choose say an 8-bit Tif, I will see some banding. But if I render out an EXR file the gradients are smoother, but that is a 32-bit.

Using Harmony’s default settings I can produce a smooth gradient in a standard tga, png, psd, bmp or tiff. I boosted the levels in PS to check quality. (It took boosting the levels to see the gradient and banding in that image for some reason. Typically Macs, which is all I use, are less contrasty and show more detail in the darks).

Perhaps the source is something in your settings you have overlooked? What do you mean when you say “built-in render, and on the uncompress render image?” If you mean the work-in-process immediate Render View mode, that comes from your graphics card. For the image are you choosing Export Layout Image? Did you use the Write Node to produce your image?