Gradient color problem

My class is having problems coloring more than 1 element w/ a gradient color in TBS4. We create the gradient color and fill a drawing w/ it using the paint bucket, then go to another drawing element and color it w/ a different gradient color. At that point the first object loses its gradient color, and if we go back to recolor it, then the second object loses its gradient color! Any idea what’s going on?

It’s possible that Toon Boom is having a problem properly displaying both gradients at the same time while you’re working on the project. However, I suspect that if you were to render that scene both gradients would properly appear in the final version.


I would agree with Will on that one, this seem like a display issue and the best way to know is to do a render. What are the video card installed on those machines?

You might have better results by changing the renderer in the Display tab of the Preferences.

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Thanks, I’ll check both those options!