Grabber tool

Hey peoplz…I am new to TB and I have just one question/concern…(at the moment)

I don’t know how I keep getting stuck with the grabber tool…I don’t even have to select it or anything and it appears on its own alot…I know it allows for dragging the scene around and that would be cool if I wanted to but …NO…and then to top it off when I try to press the paint button or anything else it will not change the cursor…

It seems like when I press a certain view it pops up and I can’t get it to go away…I end up having to save my work, close it out, and open the project again just to have a regular cursor again…

If anyone out there can help me and offer any suggestions I can stop pulling out my hair(LOL)…thanks


Can’t quite say what is going on but here is a couple of thing you may want to know about the grabber.

1. You may end up selecting it by pressing the 5 key shortcut. Having the actual Grabber tool selected won’t allow any action other then the grabber.

2. Using the spacebar while having pretty much any other tool will trigger the grabber. Make sure your keyboard is acting properly (not doing spacebar while you are not actually pressing it).

3. One thing you might want to see is that when you get stuck with the grabber check which tool you have selected and see if this is still the active tool ,maybe it is a cursor refresh issue. If that is the case let us know.

Hope this helped.

Best regards,