Grab button shortcut and cutting tool improvement

One thing i definitely would find cool is if the software had the ability to grab things without holding the mouse button over it.

In Blender,a 3D program for example… you just select the object you want and with press and hold the G key button it holds the object and is ready to move,even when my mouse isnt directly over the object.

This feature would definitely be useful in scenes where i need several layers with drawings unlocked and would safe time with zooming in/out or selecting the right drawing to move it.

As for the cutting tool,it would definitely be a big improvement if it could select the drawing parts by POINTS,not the lasso style or square shape.

The lasso style does require a tablet and still hand for the desired shape so including the cutting point by point would be a good additional feature for more precise cutting :3

I didnt found these features in the official tutorials yet and believe that they would be great for pc animation work.

About clicking and holding the G key i use the middle mouse and drag even the mouse isn’t over the object . try it . it’s working for me .

About the cutter tool , what i hope toon boom will improve is the Quadmap . if only there is a way to distort one point without effecting the others , at the same time to have the option to go back to how it is now .

Hmm when i try it,the middle mouse button behaves just like the left mouse button and doesnt do the function that i require…