Got to Ask

Now that V3 is released, when will the emails start coming with the new serials for those that purchased early? I am anxious to try it out. ;D ;D


Does anyone know when trial downloads will be available online?

The Demo version of V3 will be posted online tomorrow Friday July 8.

I will answer my own question, maybe I was the only person waiting for an email with my V3 serial. If you login and go to Down loads, your new key will be there waiting. :o

Does anybody know if you just install the new version will it wipe out any items that are in the Global Library? Should I copy them off then install ???


I would back them up first &install did login today &went to downloads to get my new key for version 3 but my old key for version 2.5 was still there no sight of my new key.!!


Only the ones that have bought the Beta version has a license key registered. And this will not dowload the official TBS V3 build.

If you bought during the pre launch (after june 6th) you will receive your key this morning by email. send an email to if you don’t.

We are uploading the final build and demo versions this morning on our servers and then we will send the newsletter with the keys inside.

Thank you for your patience.


Mathieu Still waiting for my new key for verson 3 have sent email to techsupport no reply I understood that if you purchase verson 2.5 you would get the upgrade to version 3 for free is that the case!!!
I bought my copy on may 31 05 from ADIMEX in oz after reading this from your web site it is a very big let down not good

All customers who purchase Toon Boom Studio between today [17 of May 05] and the customer release will receive the upgrade at no charge. Upon customer release, the v3 upgrade will sell at $ 199.99 USD for V1/V2 customers and at $ 99.99 USD for V2.5 customers.

Got my new key for version 3 thank’s all for all your help Mark from ADIMEX in oz Marieve&Karina from toonboom Very happy now :smiley: