Got the Animate2 Pre-order Email

I’m guessing if I recieved the Animate2 Pre-order email most of you have as well. For those that haven’t for some reason here’s the link

There are alot of exciting improvements and additions, that make you go Ga-Ga.

My question is (cause I am impatient) when around when is the release date? I don’t want to order it, and then have to wait 2 months cause I will loose my mind. :o

Bah! what the heck I went ahead and ordered it. besides I still have a lot to learn with this version and I am not THAT eager for the upgrade, but at $100 off it’s a must!


I am very happy that you ordered Animate 2! The official release date hasn’t been announced on the web site yet, but it will be very soon! I hope you enjoy it!

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Is Animate Pro 2 not far behind?

There is no information available yet regarding Animate Pro 2. Stay tuned for further information as it becomes available.

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I’m a little disappointed Animate will be released first. A new Pro version should be released first, then Animate at the same time or later. Will there be a new Pro version?

I was not aware that Animate Pro was going to released later than regular animate. Where did you read that?

But that is what they did the last time so why would they change things?

I cross graded to Animate 1.0 from Studio and Animate Pro hadn’t come out yet.

It makes sense to me to have the less advanced program come out first from a business standpoint.

If you are running a business do you release a device that plays MP3s, plays videos, can be used as a phone, can be used as a remote, take pictures, shoot HD video, etc, first?

No, you start off with a simpler product and then add features to it or release other products later with all of the bell and whistles.

If Toon Boom released Animate Pro 2.0 first or simultaneously it would most likely cannibalize sales from Animate 2.0.

By releasing Animate 2.0 first, and holding off on the Pro version they give themselves a nice window to sell more Animate.

I imagine that window won’t be that long and the Pro version will be released at some point this year.

Also, Pro is more advanced and complicated, I would imagine it needs longer to cook before it is ready to be served :slight_smile:

scungyho, I’m sure TB would love to sell a lot more expensive pro licenses than animate so I don’t get your thinking. Anyway, I have pro so of course I would like it to be released first or at the same time as animate.

Oh, yeah, the Toon Boom folks would love to sell tons of Animate Pro licenses I am sure.

But, why develop and sell Animate then? They have quite a list of products and they are all targeted to different groups.

What purpose does it serve to have simultaneous releases of Animate and Animate Pro or Storyboard and Storyboard Pro? Look at all of the questions being brought up on the forum here about upgrades, crossgrades and the like. That is just what we see here, I wonder how many calls, emails they get? Then imagine they had Animate Pro released at the same time and you can imagine all of the additional questions, emails, calls, etc.

It just makes sense to me that a company would give each product that they develop its proper debut. And do it in a way that makes sense for them and that allows them to service their customers in the best light possible.

I guess I am just used to how other companies do it. Apple, for instance doesn’t simultaneously release Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express and iMovie all at the same time. Each product has its own market and they have each product release in its own timeframe, its own spotlight.

scungyho I hope you’re not in marketing. If so, change professions.

each product has it’s user, take a look at Autodesk: 3ds Max, Maya, Softimage, all of these serves the same purpose, and all of them is going to be released st the same time(version 2011)…some users got more money, some of them simply don’t need advanced features, remember Autodesk Maya Complete and Unlimited…anyway, if you have used those time that you spend on such analysis, for learning all features in Animate 1 instead, you probably wouldn’t need version 2, because it’s really powerfull piece of tool…Cheers

Thanks everyone for your input. Toon Boom does its best to provide a wide arrange of different products designed for different types of users at different price levels. The reason they don’t come out at the same time is because we need to do further development on the advanced products before they can be released. Thank you for your understanding.

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I for one am waiting for the release of Pro :slight_smile: sense If I was to pr- order now I would be down grading although to the newer version that I hope will solve a few of the existing problems.