Got Lip-Sync Working Once But Can't Do It Again

I’m getting to grips with TBA but am definitely still an amateur.

Whatever I do I cannot get lip-sync to work again, this is what I am doing - please tell me where I am going wrong.

Using Animate PLE…

I import the 8 mouth shape images onto one layer, these are .psd files. So shape A is in frame 1, B is in frame 2 etc. I have tried as symbols or not. If I click the frames I can see the mouth shapes in the Drawing Substitution.

Double click the sound layer, opens the Sound Element Editor, right click on the sound file and choose Auto Lip-Sync Detection - Apply/Next and Close.

Then I right click the sound layer / Lip-sync / Map Lip-Sync… then in Lip Sync Mapping I set the following:

Source Layer - sound file to lip-sync to
Destination Layer - layer which has the mouth shapes
Symbols in Layer - greyed out or Don’t Use Any Symbol


For A I enter 1, B 2, C 3 etc.

This creates a nice looking mouth shapes chart, when I click parts of the chart I see different numbers in Drawing Substitution but no images - just greyed out in Drawing Substitution and no images shown in Camera View.

Going wrong somewhere but no idea where. Please help.

Before you do the mapping, open up your XSheet and verify the names of the images there. When you map lip sync and map A to 1, this is mapping the symbol A to the drawing whose name is 1. It’s possible that when you import your images, the names are not actually 1, 2, 3. You can always verify the names of the drawings by looking at those drawings in that column on the Xsheet.

Hope this helps.