Got Colour Card layer problems? Here's a Workaround!

Currently setting up a Cut Out puppet and rigging. Discovered that adding the colour-card pops the layer above layers below it, making those layer go behind the colour-card. Clicking on Colour card and moving it down to the bottom, doesn’t work, it pops somewhere else more annoying.

I attempted to add a peg to the Colour-Card to move it back in Z, to reveal other layers. Even though I did this, went to layer properties to move card layer pegs in Z, A completely
different layer was moved back in Z when I was controlling the Z on the colour.

I really like Harmony, but sometimes I have to find work arounds for problems like this in your software. SO! I remembered before I even knew what a Colour card was or its function or how to spell the words, I would make my own colour card layer by creating a drawing layer, adding a giant rectangle shape and filling it in with white paint. After it dried, I push it back in Z axis and everything now can be seen.

Hope this helps, sure helped me…

Jim Richardson