Got a weird Problem Pls Help!

Hello Friendos,

I got this huge problem I cant get behind. So Ive got these two little Fellas which are supossed to hug eachother. The Limbs are actually layered right, I suppose. In my perspective View it works fine. But I cant get it on my camera view. Not to mention render…

Please have a look and help me out :slight_smile:


It’s because of the perspective, the most effective preview window for the animation is the camera view, the perspective view is intended to place and rotate 3D objects, rather than previewing animation. You have to make sure it looks correctly on Camera view, it won’t always look right in Perspective view.

You have to set the Z values properly using the camera view, as scardario mentioned. Some layers would need to be, for instance, Z = 0,001 B and some Z = 0,001 F, while most could stay at the default Z value. These values can, naturally, be animated. Make sure the characters composites are set to pass-through, otherwise all character layers will have the same Z value and they won’t be able to interact with each other.