Goomba's MOS/TB Contest Entry, WIP ^_^

I haven’t seen any MOS entries WIP’s so I thought I’d post what I came up with after about half an hour of doodling. I’ve started some storyboarding and sketching on paper and these are a few things I’ve done digitally in Toon Boom. I’m debating how realistic to make Shatner and how old to make him look. Haven’t quite worked out all the details but I have some ideas of where I’m going. I’d love to see what you guys are doing if you have decided to enter. As always I may not finish in time due to my crazy work schedule but I’ll get as far as I can (we have plenty of time to do at least something). Good luck guys!

Atleast u got something happening.

In my opinion, it doesnt really look like him… but Im sure u can refine and refine and u will get something great!

What technique will you be using? Cut-out or traditional?

Keep up the good work!

yeah the one on the left looks nothing like shatner. However the one on the right instantly reminded me of when he was in boston legal.

LOL, the left one wasn’t Shatner per se =) just a random sketch I did that was drawn alongside the older more recent Shatner. But yeah, I’m not really sure what I’m going to do yet. I am planning out the backgrounds, settings and some of the sight gags first and then I’ll work on actually getting his character down.

I don’t want to be too wooden or stiff with this piece though as I think something a bit more creative could be fun. I’ll give it my all though!


Honestly, I thought of not even posting this because you’re right the left one especially looks nothing like Shatner (it’s not supposed to but it won’t make sense until you see my animation) but yeah…I just wanted to post SOMETHING because in all the boards I’ve seen nobody has mentioned or shown anything so I thought I’d get the ball rolling =)

I’ll post some better things once I get a little further down the line. I’m literally not even an hour into this project yet and I plan to go almost down to the wire, so I still have months of work to do ^_^. Plenty of time to refine and play with things in the meantime. Good luck everyone. Please share your drawings/WIPs if you have something. It doesn’t need to be developed or far along :slight_smile:


Oh and I’ll be doing a combination of traditional and cutout. For background things I’ll be doing a lot of cutout-puppety type stuff and I want to do traditional and cut-out for the people and characters. I’m really new at all this so it’s just a fun chance to experiment. Time will tell whether or not I can actually get something workable in the end lol.



I’ll be doing the same thing, combination of cut-out and traditional…

I dont want to show anything yet :stuck_out_tongue: i really need to refine my character down a bit…

Although, i have been mainly working on tests in this Animate Pro PLE, rough stick ugly figures and such… to get to know the program well, and discover some of its great features…

Actually i’ll upload a test i made onto youtube and let u see…

give me a sec

Animation Test

For some reason, the sync is off on youtube >:(

The audio sync looks off for sure, but the animation is looking fantastic. Keep up the great work :slight_smile:

Thanks JJ,

Looking forward to yours too mate!! :wink:

That link comes as an error for me, but youtube works. Anyone else having that issue?

Also you should make your own WIP thread :smiley:

I’ve finished my rough draft of my storyboard. I have to iron out some of the timing and some of the middle scenes, but I’m getting there slowly but surely. I’ll post some more sketches and shots once I get a bit further. Keep in touch!


Just for the heck of it, I decided to try this, too. I’m too timid to show what I have so far, but I’m trying an idea that’s a bit different.

Here I am, an Animate Pro owner and I’m spending all my time in the free PLE version. What is the matter with this picture?

Actually, Animate PLE runs well even when the full version is installed and the animation practice is worth it. We’ll see what happens.

Having the PLE version for free makes a great learning tool for future animators.


I think it was a very good idea for them to make the PLE version. It certainly gets people acclimated to their software and in the process helps them discover whether or not they even want to get into animation. I wish more companies did that.

I agree the ple is great for allowing people a try before you buy. Also shows confidence in the product.