Good tutorials for an editor moving to SB Pro

Hi there-
I am a highly profecient editor in Premiere, FCP and Avid. I’ve been tasked with conforming some animatics to edits that were made in Premiere. Are there any good tutorials online for the basic editing tools of the timeline mode?

I’m looking to “Select all” to the right and insert space,

change edit points between panels (without having to make one bigger and the other shorter independently, is there a way just to slide the edit point?

There is no very simple training videos that I can find that cover the Tools of Storyboard Pro. For instance I find this video, but it just shows the features? It doesn’t explain how to do anything.

Advanced animatic editing and efficiency in Storyboard Pro 7 - YouTube

And on this page it says I need to hold OPTION, ALT and SHIFT. There’s no ALT key on the Mac.

Storyboard Pro 22 Online Help: Rippling Panels in Animatic Editing Mode (

Press and hold Ctrl (Windows) or ⌘ (command/macOS), Alt and Shift. Yes there is an alt on Mac it is shared with the option key.

You can find training from Toon Boom at