Good place to learn?

I’ve been playing with Storyboard Pro for a while and really enjoy it, it seems pretty intuitive and simple, but still able to get everything important done!

I’m starting to feel more comfortable with the program, but I’m still a very novice storyboard creator and I’ve been trying to find somewhere to pick up a more solid foundation. Can anyone recommend a good place (near Richmond, VA or Online) where I can take a class. I just want to get my brain up onto the same level as the software I’m using!



I’ll try that. The only thing is that I hope to learn actual storyboarding theory, not just how to use Storyboard Pro. If there’s a class that involves both that would be ideal!

The Best Resource for learning how to Storyboard is

It is affordable and Sergio Paez is Very helpful. Don’t go spending 1000’s anywhere else.

I recommend you start by being active in the Forums, where Sergio comes up with some very nice practice assignments, and then other members critique it.


Thanks for that great link. I signed up for the first class to see what was up. I had storyboarding and layout classes in school but film and animation weren’t my focus so I only had a basic idea of what I was doing. Some of the information I already knew from other sources but the instructor had a bunch of little tricks that I’d never seen before. The course is awesome so far and I plan on getting the rest of the series. Best $30 I ever spent.

One of the things he really stressed is keeping the drawings simple and providing just enough information to clearly communicate what the shot is supposed to be doing. Sometimes artists (myself included) have a tendency to want to show off what we learned in four years of art school and get bogged down in details. Sergio states that boards are all about speed and presenting a clear plan so that the rest of the pipeline can kick things off.

Again, thanks for the heads up on this course. That was a motivating 90 minutes.

If no one here has any suggestion, then go ahead and email and ask them if they know of any places in your area that are teaching it, and they can put you in touch.