going crazy!

Just a bit frustrated - hoping the work I’ve done so far hasn’t been for nothing!

So I’ve drawn my character from the standard five view points (front, 1 quarter, profile, 3 quarter, back) and I’m trying to break down my character to animate it. So I use the cutting tool to select the torso, go to edit and “create drawing from drawing selection” is completely greyed out! What can I do? If there’s nothing I can do I’d at least like to know why it’s doing this so that in the future I can avoid whatever is causing it.

If it makes any difference I did originally draw it in Adobe illustrator, then imported it to toon boom.

Did you do it in camera view?
As i remember this option is unavailable in drawing view

Exactly, you’ve got to do it from the Camera view, because the drawing view only works with one layer at a time, and what you’re trying to do is create a layer. So switch to the Camera view.