Go to current frame in timeline view

It would be great to have a button that takes you directly to the current frame in the timeline view.
When you’re in a long scene and you’re in and out of symbols the current frame is often out of sight and constant scrolling is very tedious.
Please let me know if there already is a button that does this.

I’d like to just elaborate on my request.
Currently when you go to Play>First Frame/Last Frame (Home/End) only the camera view reflects this command which is fine visually but it would be much more helpful if the timeline view also reflected this.
I find myself constantly scrolling in the timeline view with my mouse to get to where the play head is which seems really inefficient.
What’s the point of a keyboard shortcut if you then have to intervene with the mouse to complete the command?

As an animator you want visual and editing control to work together. I’ve been working on an Animate Pro project for a while now and the constant use of having to mouse my way to where the playhead is, really slows me down.

Sorry to whinge but this is a standard feature in Flash…

Still love the program tho…



Hi Michael

I agree, and maybe this Feature Request I made is related to your issue:


In which I note that upon exiting a Symbol one is taken back to the beginning of the Timeline.

I haven’t found a workaround, but I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who’s noticed this maddening Timeline vs. camera thing. Maybe it’ll be fixed soon.

As you, I also am loving Animate, really lots; but I do find some things unnecessarily fastidious. This is one, big time.