Hi I am using a cut out character which I rarely do and want to use the glue effect. I am definitely lost and read the manual several times. can someone please help me out.
–I am using animate pro

Hi Colin. Check out the Tech Support group under the post “Glue effect. Please help.” Nolan was very helpful with my questions. Also, download his character “Kasimir”. It’s fully rigged with glued joints. The network view shows how the elements are connected to the glue module.

Also, I had some trouble opening his character as I’m using Vista and he’s on a Mac. If you use Vista too, I recommend unzipping the character with Winrar instead Winzip.

Good luck.

The glue works best if you draw the complete artwork os one drawing then use the cutter tool in drawing mode to cut half off that drawing then paste it to a new drawing element/layer. Make sure that both drawing elements have parent pegs then plug one drawing layer to the first port on the glue module then the other drawing element to the middle port of the glue module. Remember to set the pivot points on each drawing (where you want that part of the drawing to pivot from.

good luck.

thanks for the link. Guess I was looking in the wrong place. This helps!

The solvents that were used to allow the glue to be applied evaporate and are inhaled. The effect is just like huffing spray paint. The effect depends on how long you are exposed before getting to fresh air. This type of thing kills serious amounts of brain cells and the long term effects are permanent brain damage.