Glue module: A how to

Hi there Animate community!

I’ve been playing around with animate pro, and love it. I wanted to give the glue effect a spin, hopefully to use it on my characters knee joints. However, I haven’t been able to find any documentation on how to use it properly.

Does anyone know of a tutorial or documentation that might help me figure out how to arrange my network in order to create the effect?

Well, if you’re using the Animate Pro 2 PLE version…?
You might like and check out this project-file: “glue_test”,
I once created with Animate Pro 1 PLE:

Hope, it still works with Animate Pro 2 PLE…?


Hi Nolan,

Thanks for the response! I’ve got the full version of animate pro 2, but I’ll be downloading the PLE just so I can see what you’ve done here. I’ll keep you in the loop if I can translate the solution over to my version.

Thank you!

Hey Nolan,

I downloaded the animate pro 2 PLE, but unfortunately, your file wasn’t compatible.

Any other suggestions?

Sorry to hear that you couldn’t open that file…

Apparently, Animate Pro 2 should be able to open Animate Pro 1 files…?
Maybe, that doesn’t apply for the PLE version…?

Did you double click the project-file…?
Or did you imported via File / Open / and navigated to that project-file…?

Otherwise, check out this link:;action=display;threadid=1285;start=msg5435#msg5435



You can find documentation on how to use the glue effect on a cut-out character in the Digital Pro documentation. Digital Pro is the Animate Pro ancestor.

Since the Glue is an effect, when there are a lot of it on a cut-out character, it can become quite heavy. So, we no longer document the Glue as a cut-out joint technique.
Digital Pro Documentation > Cut-out Workflow Guide


Hi Nolan,

Yes, you’re right about pro 1 and 2 files being compatible, unfortunately it does not work the same with the PLE files. the link you provided however, was very helpful.

Marie-Eve, thanks for the headsup on the lack of support with the glue module. Perhaps it would be worth noting in future versions of the support documentation, since I was more than happy to settle with the patch joint technique after finding out the glue one was resource heavy.

After much trial and error, and by dissecting the Halloween effects pack, I was able to successfully achieve the glue effect to create a joint. As I mentioned earlier, I’d rather use more resource efficient methods for patching joints, but it’s good to know how to create these effects when opportunities to use them presents themselves.

Thanks again to everyone who assisted me with this problem. Thank you!

Glue can be a bit tricky to use, and it really bumps up the render times. It can also be a really easy and effective way to get some really fluid movements.

Glue used to be set up in a way that you had to cut the arm or leg with the cutter tool, and paste it on a different element. The important thing was that you couldn’t move the arm around at all, it had to be in the exact position you cut it from (no gaps) and the pivot point had to be as close to the centre of that cut. This has been my experience in the past, perhaps the module has been worked out since then.

Just be careful with glue, you wouldn’t want to use too many effects with it as the final render can sometimes be a bit unpredictable.