Glue effect. Please help.

I’ve been able to make the glue module work on two plain squares but Animate won’t let you glue joints in hierarchies. Is there a way to do this? I’ve got Animate Pro PLE running and I want to apply Glue to joints in a rigged puppet.
Please tell me this can be done.


Well, works perfectly here… (using Animate Pro PLE)

If you like, here is a very simple character - “Kasimir” - you might like to download…?
Choose the Transform Tool and rotate lower arms / lower legs / and upper body…


I tried to open the file, but none of the elements appeared in the camera view. Is this a MAC file? I’m on Vista.

Well, this project was created with Animate Pro PLE Version 7.7.0 (5100) on a Mac…
(are you using an older version…?)
Not sure if Windows- and Mac-projects are interchangeable…?

Can you see the hierarchy in the Timeline…?


I can see the hierarchy in the timeline. And the nodes display correctly in the network view. Also, I do have the same version of PLE.
The directories for the project do not seem to unzip correctly. Or they just disappear all together. I’m thinking the MAC directory and file structure is simply not directly translatable to Vista’s directory/file structure. This may be because OSX is based on Linux.
At any rate, I can’t see the Kasimir puppet. :frowning:
I’ll check with some IT guys and see if there is a fix for this. Now that Apple computers are MacIntels, it’s odd that OSX and Windows don’t automatically understand one another.

Well, if you can see the Network and the Hierarchy,
then your camera should see the project as well…?
Just to make sure, nothing is wrong with that file…
I have uploaded the file again… (same link)…
Try with that file again…

Open Animate Pro / from the Welcome screen choose / Open Scene /
Navigate to that unzipped file “” / open…


I tried unzipping it with Winrar. That did the trick. Maybe it knows something Winzip doesn’t.
Kasimir is visible and the glue effect is working even when using IK manipulation. What’s with the green colored network cables? What does that mean? And I noticed some top level elements have a cable running to the glue node and another directly to the composite node. I assumed the glue modules out cable carried the upper elements ouput to the composite node.
That’s what is missing for me. What are the absolute dos and don’ts of using glue?

Well, you might like and consult the User Guide…?
Either accessible from the Help Menu, or from the Documentation folder…
Check out “Setting up the Network” page 589, or “Glue” page 904…

I rather prefer the “Classical Joint” (guess, I am just used to it)…
Sometimes I use “patches” for elbow, wrist, knee or other parts…

But, I must say the “Glue-Joint” is a very interesting alternative…
Fast, easy, simple… especially for “Elastigirl” (The Incredibles) style of animation…


Thanks so much for all of your help.


i could make glue work in non-symbol elements (with editable nodes in top timeline) but i cant find a way to make it work on symbols.

i saw this is possible when i opened the pumpkin template and saw the goo-like symbol using glue and being able of drawing substitution

can you help me, please?

Check out “itsjamest” post in general discussion room about the glue effect. He’s got good pointers on getting the glue to work.
Hope it helps.;action=display;threadid=1294