Glowing Eyes? (image included)

Been trying to figure out how to give this fella glowing eyes, not so much the iris itself though the yellow region outwards over the linework!
Any advice would be greatly appreciated; many thanks!

What version and software are you using?

Harmony premium at the moment, should be the latest version.

I just realized your image indicated what software you were using. I liked your character so much I was completely focused on it and didn’t even notice it was a screen shot of the interface.

Make sure the thing (i.e. portion of the eye) you want to glow is on its own layer and use a Glow node.

You will need to experiment with settings to dial in the desired effect.

Not sure where you are at with the software but I will piece together an example showing the settings as a reference if you want me to.

Just to add that if it’s not on a separate layer you can use the Colour-Override module to pick just the colour you want to apply the Glow to.

I would most certainly love that! I will include a picture below of a result I have, which is not working so well for me!
Also thanks for liking my character; his name’s Lenny, hes a bit of a creeper with a plethora of split personality, the glowing eyes would really help push him!

You need to plug another node coming out of drawing into a matte resize and into glow to get the border glow effect.

Is this anything like what you are looking for?

Not sure of the character’s composition but this might be enough.

Layer compositing for Glow is influenced by what is behind it. I tried a Colour-Card. Animated it may do interesting things but I am certain the character has not been drawn accurately so whatever is in back of the eyes will be different than what I have done.

I experimented with two glow nodes per layer turning one off and on, each with identical settings.

NOTE: The suggested Matte-Resize node did not have any effect. I may not have applied it appropriately to this layout.


Glow Settings: